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Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is no longer a formality for your vehicle’s upkeep and maintenance! It is the legal minimum to have your two-wheeler and four-wheeler out on the road.

Be it new buy or renewals, two-wheeler or four-wheeler, the We are as a consultant assistance is just a call away to get you the maximum benefit in minimizing the risks of your vehicle!

we will invest our best to offer you the perfect cover to protect your vehicle against financial liabilities arising out of unforeseen contingencies.

So, give your vehicle the care it deserves with Our (National Insurance Company Limited ) Motor Insurance Plans! Let’s get started.

Motor Insurance Policy is mandatory to be able to drive legally in India. Broadly there are two types a) Third-Party Liability b) Comprehensive Package Policy.

A Third-Party Policy covers for losses faced in a situation where your vehicle damages any third-party such as a public property, person or third-party vehicle. The same is the minimum requirement to be able to drive legally in India, as stated by the Motor Vehicles Act.

A Comprehensive Package Policy covers both third-party damages and liabilities and damages/losses caused to you and your own vehicle. The losses may arise due to an accident, theft, fire, natural calamities, and others.

Family and Individual Mediclaim Insurance

Mediclaim policy is a part of health insurance policy that is designed to shield you against the ever-soaring medical expenses. A Mediclaim Policy offers the much-needed financial protection in case of an accidental hospitalisation or hospitalisation due to an illness, be it emergency or planned. We are offer a best mediclaim policy behalf of National Insurance Company Limited.

All kind of General Insurance

General insurance covers insurance of property against fire, burglary, theft; personal insurance covering health, travel and accidents; and liability insurance covering legal liabilities. Other covers may include insurance against errors and omissions for professionals, credit insurance etc.

Vehicle Document Services (Consultant)

We are Providing all services as a consultant assistance with regard to issuing a driving license, duplicate RC book, registration of a new vehicle, ownership transfer, re-registration of vehicle, Fitness and Permit etc.

We are as a consultant assistance is just a call away to get you the maximum benefit in minimizing the risks of your related vehicle!